支持 Material Design 的日期选择器

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Easy API

Simple and small as possible component APIs, without reinventing HTML.

Support DateRange and Single Calendar Picker

Default is DateRagePicker, you can set it as a single DatePicker.

Timezone Support [TODO]

Specify timezone or use local timezone of user.


注意:现在仍然是 aplha 版本,API 可能会发生重大变化,请谨慎使用。beta 版本将会提供稳定 API

Quick Start

npm install --save v-md-date-range-picker

# or with yarn
yarn add v-md-date-range-picker

Global Usage

import Vue from 'vue';
import VMdDateRangePicker from "v-md-date-range-picker";
import "v-md-date-range-picker/dist/v-md-date-range-picker.css";