a daterangepicker for vue.js and material design.

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Easy API

Simple and small as possible component APIs, without reinventing HTML.

Support DateRange and Single Calendar Picker

Default is DateRagePicker, you can set it as a single DatePicker.

Timezone Support[TODO]

Specify timezone or use local timezone of user.

Note that it's still in alpha stage and things may change or break until we reach beta phase,for now we recommend that you use it in the dev environment.

Quick Start

npm install --save v-md-date-range-picker

# or with yarn
yarn add v-md-date-range-picker

Global Usage

import Vue from 'vue';
import VMdDateRangePicker from "v-md-date-range-picker";
import "v-md-date-range-picker/dist/v-md-date-range-picker.css";